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Having trouble with managing your stock?

Businesses have been dealing with this problem since forever and it will continue to be a problem even if your store gets taken over by robots one day.

However, you can make it better now by using an effective Stock Control system.

Here are 5 reasons why a great Stock Control system is compulsory to help your business grow:

1- You need to know what you have before you can order/manufacture more and this will help you grow your cash flow and prevent dead-stock and write-offs

2- To prevent theft and keep track of damaged, faulty or lost stock items

3- To compare purchase pricing from suppliers for future purchasing

4- Creating Catalogs with images to send to customers can easily be exported to save time and give accurate stock availability quantities

5- To be able to classify and add details about the product to make stock taking, barcoding and POS a walk in the park

To know more about how Ethos Software can help your business see the functionality page or contact one of our team members


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